Spiritual Direction

Reconnect with yourself. Listen for that which is bigger than you. Find peace.

Ocean and sand


Explore the parts of your soul that make you really come alive.

In Spiritual Direction, you can share what’s on your heart, knowing that you will be heard. Share your hopes, your fears, your joys and sorrows. Spiritual Direction is a place to share without judgement.

Sand and ocean


Discover what it’s like to go with an experienced companion.

You don’t have to travel your path alone. Take someone with you who will be present without judgement every step of the way.

Clear water at the beach


Experience modalities that help you get in touch with that which is beyond yourself.

In your Spiritual Direction sessions, you can choose to include guided meditation or embodied movement to connect more deeply with your soul.

What is Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual Direction is a regular meeting with a companion with whom you can share your hopes and fears without judgement. In Spiritual Direction, you get to explore your own life with another person by your side. You can reconnect with the deepest parts of yourself, and you can discover new ways to see the world.

Now offering new client packages!
Want to try Spiritual Direction for yourself? I’m now offering each new client a three-session package for $150. Try it on and see if it helps you feel more connected through this time of distancing. Just fill out the form below!

Is Spiritual Direction for me?
Spiritual Direction is for anyone who would like a companion in their spiritual life. I walk alongside you, listening without judgement to you as you share your journey. You lead the way as you explore your life, both the spiritual and the everyday. Maybe those two things are deeply intertwined. Whatever the case may be, you lead the way down your own path.

What’s spiritual about Spiritual Direction?
In Spiritual Direction, we listen for your spirit. What excites you? What pains you? How you you build relationships with those you care about? How can you move forward through difficulties? These are some of the questions you may decide to explore. Or we can just enjoy a cup of tea and chit chat if that’s what your spirit needs.

Will you give me advice or tell me what to do?
No. Spiritual Direction is not counseling, therapy, or pastoral care. A Spiritual Director is more of a companion, one to walk alongside you. I will not tell you what to do. I’ll just listen and reflect what I hear you saying. I may offer suggestions for ways we can connect with your spirit, but you are always in the driver’s seat.

Do I need to be religious?
Spiritual Direction is for anyone, regardless of religious affiliation. You may belong to a faith community, or you may not identify with religion at all. Any person is welcome to come and be fully themself.

Where are sessions held? How long are they?
I offer Spiritual Direction sessions virtually, so you can connect from anywhere you are in the world. Spiritual Direction sessions are usually about an hour long.